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There once was a girl from Hawaii who worked her butt off to take care of her family. She got a marketing job, selling radio advertising and pretty soon as she was servicing her clients, she needed to learn a new set of marketing skills: digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, and an entire suite of services known to man. She did this in order to provide full service advertising consulting to her precious clients – who after doing this for 20 years became some of her best friends in the world!

After she gained all of this knowledge, she decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada where she could start her own advertising agency and provide full service advertising and marketing consultation to her new community of business owners.

Ok, so by now you know this girl is me—Annie Toledo. The name of my firm is Alpha Tango Marketing and if you know anything about the NATO phonetic alphabet, Alpha Tango are my initials—AT. There you go, you just learned something, which by the way I love to teach people new things. Especially to my clients because knowledge is power and there’s nothing more powerful than taking charge of your business and watching it grow.

I’ve been a home owner most of my adult life, and now that I live in Henderson, Nevada, my interests have not changed. Therefore, I love helping clients that serve today’s homeowner. Businesses like landscapers, painting companies, roofing companies, plumbers, pest control, air conditioning, etc, you get the idea. I also love working with attorneys because they help protect people and fight for what’s right. That’s a topic close to my heart we can discuss over coffee some time…

So back to why you are here. Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to their marketing strategies or how to create a plan that delivers the right kinds of results they are looking for to help them reach their marketing and sales goals.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, or are intrigued by my whimsical style of writing that showcases my sparkling personality, reach out and let’s talk story. You may be pleasantly surprised at how candid and brutally honest I am, it’s all for your own good anyway so just take it like a champ and click that link. Aloha, and we’ll chat soon…

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